Artist Statement

Tony`s art is informed by architecture which he uses as a vehicle to explore spatial perception and representation. The nature of illusory space is a re-occurring theme. Also the creation of space via light has become part of his focus.

Much of the work is expressed via the medium of acrylic paint on canvas. However, he has increasingly used model making as a part of his process in order to continue the exploration of space, form, colour and structure. The comparison afforded by working in both two and three dimensional forms he says is of immense value. Sometimes paintings inspire models and on occasion it works the other way around. In some circumstances photography is also utilized and can become the end product.

Artistically he says that he has been influenced by numerous artists including Georgio De Chirico, Charles Sheeler, Louis Lozowick, Charles Demuth, Thomas Demand and Ed Ruscha. Architects that have been a source of inspiration in his work are Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies Van Der Rohe, Richard Rogers, Frank Gehry and Tadao Ando. He says that he is constantly concerned with the overlapping links between art and architecture and will continue to explore the possibilities therein. He makes the point that although architecture has always been intrinsic to his art it is often the inspiration for work produced as opposed to being the direct subject matter.

Travel, particularly to the USA has also been a rich source of inspiration for both subject matter and artistic knowledge. Modernism during its early years in North America and Europe have an ongoing fascination for him, as does contemporary architectural design which often has its roots in that era.

Tony Moss
January 2016

Curriculum Vitae